The Seven Skills We Teach

Are your advisors complaining that they don’t have enough people to call?

What are you doing to develop trust, likeability and a distinct reputation for financial expertise in your community?

In the age of the “do not call” list, caller ID and screening calls, people are busier and more skeptical than ever. They are taking action to make themselves as “unavailable” as possible…all to avoid contact with people they do not know.

Years ago, prospecting meant cold-calling, business card fishbowls and knocking on doors. Today – it’s a contact sport. And, Identity Branding can help get your advisors back in the game.

Our classes are as informational as they are inspirational. We’ll dive into the psyche of today’s consumer and teach you techniques for locating the best prospect markets in your local community. With our proven prospecting made easy process, you will make lasting impressions with new leads, access out-of-reach prospects and pick up a few easy referrals along the way.

In our prospecting classes, we take some of the most difficult challenges in the prospecting process, and break them down into 7 simple skills. Once you’ve mastered these skills – the sky’s the limit!

Having trouble identifying a viable prospect market?

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